App Name App Description App Developer
LiTs Tv App that helps you a TV on your phone, view different cartoons and news from different channels i.e You tube – HTML 5 Lincoln Njogu
CampusEA Tired of tarmacking looking for you University of choice in East Africa? Well! Here is CampusEA. John Muiruri
It helps you get information about universities across East Africa:
MessageTalk This mobile application allows you to access you inbox and drafts and be able to listen through text to speech. Also provides messages that you can share with your friends. Titus Marete
Arrive Safe Arrive safe is a smartphone Speedometer application that allow passengers monitor the speed at which they are travelling. They are able to capture the speed of the car and can report cases of over-speeding to the relevant authorities. Patrick Nyakoria
Land Preparation A mobile application that provides information on maize crop land preparation. It gives information on planting, maize crop management and harvesting. Kevin Mbuco
Fun4kids Play and learn numbers, letters, addition and subtraction for kids aged 6 and 7. The app contains simple letters and numbers that a kid can lean through sound. It has simple addition and subtraction examples and also some exercises a kid can do with the guidance of a parent. Martha Nisa
Horoscope Guide Horoscope Guide gives you information about your stars, commonly known as Horoscopes. It also enables you to receive daily horoscope feeds easily on the go. Mercy Mukuria
Kodi A mobile application that acts like a rent management system. It helps the landlord to save tenant details,rent payment,property and unit details. Vera Onunda
Carta Welcome to Catalog your online and digital solution. Get all the prices comparison you need. Lee Ibrahim
MugKills The application rates the user drinking habits in terms of normal, heavy drinker or severe. Mungai Karomo
The application has a list health risks thar are one suffer from drinking too much alcohol content
Digital TVKenya DigitalTVKenya is a mobile application that provides you with information on Digital Tv, it provides information on gadgets, electronics outlets and prices in Kenya. It also gives offers information on Integrated Receiver Decoder Roseline Njeru
WorldNews World News provides you with news from all over the world, the news include sports, breaking news, entertainment, business, environment. The App also provides celebrity photos. Adonijah Kamande
Uongozi Uongozi ‘A Swahili word for Leadership’ ‘provides you with information that enables you to become a good leader. Gives you Do, Know and Be. Also provides leadership quotes. Be a Good leader!! Joseph Bosire
Wed App The application is marketing wedding products. It enables the users to view what they want,when they want and within their locality and budget. It also enables the shop owners to advertise at a low cost. The user has to search for the products they want and get results from the database. The shop owner will contact us and guide them how to post their advert. Ken Steven
NiceMirror NiceMirror is an android pocket mirror app that makes use of the front facing camera to give you a nice mirror. James Nakola
TourKenya TourKenya is an Application that talks about beautiful country of Kenya. It provides tourists with Hotels and their contacts.The app also provides National parks Nancy Muthoni
Containment Game to contain the Bomb for as long as possible Stephen Okerosi
City Defence A collision just happened in space and objects are dropping. You are a fighter pilot with the latest plane that can destroy them when it collides with the droppings. However, keep away from the red dropping as it can destroy your plane. Have fun as you navigate through the city. Frank Tamre
Gramz gramz was having some quiet time at her place when suddenly she heard noise. Checking it out, she saw bad people stealing cakes(her favourite snack). Can gramz get the cakes? How many thieves can she kill Frank Tamre
Moon Trivia Game This is a Trivia game that allows you to answer questions about the moon. Adonijah Kamande
Amazing Sudoku Sudoku is a logic based-number placement puzzle. starting with a partially completed 9*9 grid, the objective is to fill the grid so that each row, each column, and each of the 3*3 boxes (Also called blocks ) contains the digit 1 to 9 exactly once Titus Marete
The Amazing Maze The AmazingMaze is a game of confusing elements, Tap red button to tangle through within given seconds, when completed you move to the next level. Titus Marete