Here , you will find a list of all the apps that came from the training events at m:lab East Africa

App Name Description Developed by
Advanced ToDo App This is an Advanced To Do App that will help you plan, remember and delete as well as share on other platforms with voice, video and clips Stephen Mwongela
SMSAdmin This is an SMS based security solution for your phone for resetting, finding and erasing data remotely via SMS, it can also send back SMS from user if SIM Card is changed. Julius Kimani
DressApp dressApp is about getting your closet in your pocket. Top features: – add images of your own clothes and save clothing items to a virtual closet;- lets you create looks and plan what to wear by selecting from various items. Maureen Macharia
Top Up Assistant Camera based application to capture and process a scratch card’s information Harrison Mungai
Removes the need for user to strain reading the tiny top-up code digits
Mr Cook Mr Cook is a recipe android application aiming at offering an extensive range of quality recipes from different countries for different type of dishes Jeremiah Nyamu
Securex App Thorny Securex is not just an anti-theft application. Kelvin Kinyunye
Its ease of use, security features and elegant design ensure that
you always have 100% control over your phone even when it is not in
your hands.
Happiness App Have daily reminders pop up new quotes from distinguished poets and famous people everyday of the year John Paul Karijo
MindYourHealth This Mobile Application will assist Patients to know what types of food to eat as per the Doctors instructions. Certain diseases are caused due to lack of specific food nutrients. It gives the food name, image and the nutritional content associated with that food name. Cyrus Nzuki
Doc Doc is more than just an app. Its a life companion Gibson Juma
EPL Teams News The app provides major EPL team news updates Nelson Towett
Kenya Wildlife App Kenya wildlife is an app that guides you to almost all wildlife destinations in Kenya with destinations and routes to use from Nairobi. It provides information about the animals and parks, lakes or game-reserves to find these animals. Abed Ayabei
Kenyan Varsities This mobile application will bring all institutes into one platform which will provide knowledge of existence and courses offered easily to parents, employers, students and employees. Job Nyaribo
Pet Aid This App is a First Aid Kit for Pets and other domestic animals, it links you to vets who can provide specialized services in case of emergency cases Andrew Makachia
ManU Trivia From work a little relaxation of the mind is needed. Kelvin Kibet
There’s nothing more entertaining than doing it with what many football fans love- THEIR FAVOURITE FOOTBALL TEAM
BugAlarmClock Get woken up using bug challenges in BugAlarmClock, the alarm clock wakes you up in style. Have you ever been woken up by and alarm you simple turn it off and doze off with BugAlarmClock alarm clock you’ll have a new experience, you have challenges where you have to play a game and will to turn it off. Michael Kasae
Tour Kenya Pro Tour Kenya is travel guide Application Ecosystem to help you explore Kenya. comes with a built-in city guide, with categories covering restaurants, shops, experiences, bars, and attractions Simon Gathii
Learn Geography This is a fantabulous app that will hone your Geography skills through an augmented reality experience Lynette Asudi
Call Manager About Call Manager: Call Manager is an application that allow the User to deactivate their calls and let their callers get a text reply of why they cannot pick their calls. Jacob Bore
Weight Calculator Native Calculation of ones BMI using Weight and Height Peter Ihotia
Math Bingo MathBingo is a game application that helps learners(std 3 pupils) in Kenyan primary schools master basic mathematic operations with ease, practice and improve their speeds in a fun way. Graice Wairimu
Latest Sports News It is about Live sport updates worldwide. It is Solving Problem of an 18 year old teenager who has no access to Dstv to watch. Abdihafid Adan
Likerary pay as you read library on your mobile device Newton Mwai
Simplex Inventory Application for keeping an updated list of your inventory, key features include taking a photo of your inventory, sending a report and selecting a supplier contact from your contact list. Simplex inventory also includes a feature for calculating depreciation for your inventory. Dennis Osienya
Reco Guide Reco Guide connects retailers and wholesalers. Helps retailers get different prices from different wholesalers. Provides price comparison. Nicholas Kipkorir
CardRecords Card Records provides you with a safe place to store all your cards numbers Evalyne Mukii
DeeLights DeeLights provides you with Live wallpapers Douglas Mbura
StirUp Africa StirupAfrica is a creative open space alive with possibilities, where business enthusiasts can seek inspiration, connect and garner ractical skills from thought leaders, innovators and business gurus on how to start and run a successful digital business. Joseph Ng’ethe
Mwanachama Allows groups known as ‘chama’ with an easiest and efficient way to store their account details. i.e register members, collect contributions etc Martin Mwangi
mSmartRouteFinder This is an android application that calculates the optimal distance given at least two points on a map. The system will also draw poly lines on the map to aid users to navigate through the points. Joseph Luketelo
Unit Converter A mobile calculator that helps you calculate different units including Temperature, Power, length, Velocity, Energy etc. Kevin Owino
Speed Math Challenge Speed Math Challenge is an trivia arithmetic math game that tests your speed and accuracy at answering randomly generated math problems within a fixed timed interval. George Ouma
SokoBeef Ever wanted to buy or sell a livestock say cat,rabbit,dog,cattle,goat etc but worried where to begin?Sometimes we are forced to take them or commute to the market place which might be 1000 kilometers away and on reaching there a middleman buys your animal and sells it at a double price immediately to a buyer who sometimes it may be your neighbor. Mbuvi Nyamai
qFarm Qfarm is an agricultural trivia game. Allows you answer basic questions and earn points Mbuvi Nyamai
Oceanic Do you know about Oceans in the World. Oceanic is an applications that tells you about BIG 5 oceans in the world. Brian Kibet
RecallMaster This game allows you to memorize the location of images. provides you with a sample image then you can press another button with a similar image. Practice memorization now Africanius Waweru
Recipes Recipes is a cool mobile application that helps you in cooking. provides you with different African Foods. Alfred Korir
AfroGuitar This application provides you with information on how to tune a guitar Roger Taracha
Nyumba Finder Nyumba Finder is a mobile application that allows you to search houses/apartments around your vicinity. Nyumba is a swahili word for ‘House’. It provides you with different features in as given house Francis Njoroge
Event Schedule Event Scheduler is an application that allows the user to have an interactive schedule planner on his/her smart phone. Lets user create,view,schedule and delete events stored once created. Examples of events can be business meetings, birthday parties, weddings, family gatherings. The application tends to replace notebooks or diaries allowing user to send reminder message notifications about the event supposed to take place, the time and date of the event, and a brief description on the event. Desmond Juma
WithChild You want to know how your baby is developing in your womb ? This app is just for you. WithChild is an application that brings you a simple interface. It tells you about development of baby from first week to the last. Calculate your due date or date of birth and allow you to call midwife or doctor in case of emergency. James Karanja
Kenya Constitution This mobile application provides you with a Kenyan Constitution for your reference Richard Sango
Imagian Pro Imagian pro is intended to provide you with a tool to capture an Image and change the brightness then share with friends. Its one of its kind uses native to offer a high performing tool. Richard Sango
mVoter Android application that allows users to vote for their political leaders remotely via an android phone. Timothy Wamalwa
Voters can also view the vote result on their phones
Motherland This is a mobile application that provides land lords with a tool to update records and enable them have an updated records for their property. Humphrey Munge
Marathona App Marathona provides you with all information you need on Marathons happening around the country (Kenya) Joseph Irura
Nailist App to post free listings/ads and view the same within Nairobi. Listings will be broadly categorised into 3 sections: odd Jobs, buying and selling initially. Kennedy Ouma



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