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History of the m:lab

Timeline of events since inception

  • March

    Merged with iHub

    m:lab East Africa was dissolved into iHub Limited

  • Jan - Dec

    TechTrend Thursday

    10th September: NFC: Can this technology be used to build a viable business in Kenya (Part 2)
    28th May: NFC: Can this technology be used to build viable businesses in Kenya (Part 1)
    26th March: Open discussion: PHP Raw vs PHP Frameworks
    26th February: Reverse engineering an android application
    29th January: Getting started with Ushahidi platform

  • July

    PIVOT East

    Date: 22nd July at the panari Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya

  • Jan - Dec


    Cyber Security Training with AfricaHackOn (September - December)
    Android and SMS & USSD training (6th April - 2nd May)
    Windows Training with 4Afrika (9th Feb - 20th Match)

  • June

    M:lab East Africa Official Launch

    On June 16th, 2011, m;lab East Africa was officially launched. The event was held at the iHub. Among the guests at the event included Erik Hersman (Co-founder Ushahidi and iHub), Mr Ken Oyolla former General Manager, Nokia, Ms. Heli Sirve former Ambassador, Embassy of Finland, Mr. Johannes Zutt, former Country Director World Bank, Mr. Paul Kukubo former CEO, Kenya ICT Board and Bitange Ndemo the former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of ICT

  • Jan - Dec

    TechTrend Thursday

    27th November: Monetizing your apps and business with Bitcoin and Bitpesa
    21st August: How to make the best out of GSM technology
    3rd April: Integrating mobile money into your app
    6th March: Mobile developers receive $100 bonus for integrating AppWrapper
    20th February: Mobile developers to benefit from blackberry
    30th January: Devs mentorship by SleepOut.com

  • Jan - Dec

    Wireless Wednesday

    15th October: Can mAgric solution improve productivity of the Agricultural workforce (15th October)
    30th October 2013: Understanding the challenges of uptake and increase the awareness of mAgric innovations
    30th July: How can mobile technology improve information sharing within agricultural value chain
    27th February 2013: Improving the quality and uptake of Agricultural mobile innovations
    Barriers to adoption of mobile technology in education (29th October)
    How can technology improve education outcomes ( 6th August)
    Can mHealth solutions improve health service delivery in Kenya? (1st October)
    Opportunities and Challenges of adoption of mHealth solutions (August)

  • Jan - Dec

    Mobile Impact Ventures Program

    The Mobile Impact Ventures Program (“MIVP”), is m:lab East Africa’s accelerator program for impact ventures with innovative solutions in agriculture, health & water and education. The m:lab’s accelerator is backed by the Rockefeller and Tony Elumelu Foundation’s, through the Global Impact Investment Network’s (“GIIN”) Africa Impact Economy Innovations Fund (“IEIF”). The 4 month program had 2 cohorts and supported 12 startups with social ventures.

  • June

    PIVOT East

    Held between 24th - 25th June at Panari Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya

  • Jan - Dec

    Mobile Application Development Programs

    Windows Phone training with Microsoft 4Afrika (10th Feb - 7th March)
    Windows training with 4Afrika (6th October - 14th November)
    Android Deep Dive Training with Intel (17th Feb - 29th March)
    Native Android Apps Training with Intel (26th may - 11th July)

  • Nov

    Venture Out Challenge

    m:lab East Africa partnered with infoDev and CRDF Global for the venture out Challenge. The challenge was aimed to propel the expansion-ready mobile entrepreneurs into enticing international markets. The challenge was held on 30th October - 1st November 2013 in Moldova.

  • July - Oct

    Virtual Incubation

    Virtual incubation is a program designed to accelerate successful development of mobile application entrepreneurs through an array of business support resources and services virtually. The program which was sponsored by infoDev, catered for startups across East Africa. The program supported 15 startups from across East Africa and ran for three months.

  • Sep - Oct


    The m:lab in partnership with CTA and the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI), Rwanda, organized an international conference on ICT for Agriculture (ICT4Ag) in Kigali. The conference was aimed at showcasing the potentials of ICT applications in agriculture and support the development of ICT innovations and entrepreneurship in agriculture.

  • Mar - Dec

    Wireless Wednesday

    30th October : Understating the challenges of uptake and increasing awareness of mAgric innovations
    27th February: Improving the quality and uptake of Agricultural mobile innovations
    4th December: How can technology make learning more interactive in the classroom
    13th November: What is the role of different stakeholders in the edTech ecosystem in Kenya?
    15th May: Understanding the edTech ecosystem in Kenya
    31st July: Which business model works in Entertainment? Freemium or Premium?
    27th March: Understanding sustainability challenges for mHealth startups

  • Jan - Dec

    Mobile Application Development and Entrepreneurship Programs

    Wave 5 (February - May)
    (17th - 22nd)June Android Deep Dive training with Intel
    (5th August - 18th September) Android and HTML training with Intel
    (18th Nov - 12th Dec) Windows Phone 8 developer training application with 4Afrika
    (8th - 31st October) Windows Phone 8 training with 4AfriKa
    Training with Qualcomm
    Samsung App Challenge
    Agile training with ThoughtWorks
    Spaceapps with NASA

  • August

    Advanced Training on Agile Software Methodology

    The training was carried between 30th July and 7th August by ThoughtWorks and The World Wide Web Foundation

  • Jan - Dec

    Wireless Wednesdays

    31st October 2012: Challenges Faced by Rice Farmers due to lack of Reliable Agro Weather Data
    29th August 2012: Mobile Apps Targeting post harvest challenges in Agriculture
    27th June 2012 : Reviewing Mobile Applications Targeting Agricultural Productivity
    25th April 2012: Using mobile tech to overcome post harvest challenges in horticulture
    29th Feb 2012: Nine considerations for implementing apps for Agriculture
    29th Feb 2012:Using technology to enhance productivity in agricultural value chains
    12th December: mHealth round table
    7th November: Understanding Government’s and NGO’s initiative in the mHealth ecosystem in Kenya
    3rd October: Understanding Kenya’s mHealth ecosystem

  • June

    PIVOT East

    Held on 5th - 6th of June at Ole Sereni Hotel in Nairobi. 25 finalists, 5 from each category and 5 winners, one from each category each receiving prize money of 10,000.

  • September

    M2Work Challenge

    m2Work was an online challenge conducted by infoDev and IdeasProject, with funding and support from UKaid and the government of Finland. The aim was to identify problems that could be solved by tapping into microworkers who use mobile phones – enabling the underprivileged people of the world to access the digital economy, and enabling the rest of the world to benefit from their intelligence. 120 participants - who formed 10 teams and came up with 10 ideas.

  • Jan - Dec

    Mobile Application Development and Entrepreneurship Program and Graduation

    Wave 3 (January - May) and in Wave 4 (September - December) total of 40 students trained. On 16th July the graduation saw 23 entrepreneurs awarded certificates in Mobile App Development and Entrepreneurship .The chief guest was Dr. Bitange Ndemo, then Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication.

  • July - Dec

    Mobile Application Development and Entrepreneurship Wave 1 & 2

    The program was designed to offer individuals who already have a software development background an opportunity to hone their skills on mobile applications technologies as well as develop their entrepreneurial skills. Technologies covered in the training include USSD, android, J2me, php, mysql, LWUIT, Mobile Web, IVR, User Experience Design, SMS, Systems Design. Business skills covered include the lean methodology, business model canvasses, monetization strategies for mobile innovation, customer development and user experience design.

  • June


    Pivot25 was the first edition of PIVOT which was held on 14th and 15th of June at the Ole-Sereni Hotel. The main aim of Pivot25 was to showcase developers talent and applications from across East Africa Region. The competition supported 25 teams, 5 teams from each categories with 5 winners each receiving prize money of USD 5,000.

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