• mobile. start ups. learning

    mobile. start ups. learning

    identifying, nurturing & creating sustainable enterprises in the knowledge economy



    East Africa's Premier Mobile Startups Competition and Conference

  • Training


    The Lab’s training on mobile applications development and related technologies is delivered through a short courses programs.

  • Wireless Wednesday

    Wireless Wednesday

    Wireless Wednesdays are aimed at getting incubatees, members of the tech community, industry stakeholders and thought leaders to engage each other in a focus group discussion on a specified theme in the mobile space.

  • Applications Testing

    Applications Testing

    One of m:lab East Africa‘s core activities is to provide a software testing facility for mobile app developers to test their applications on as part of their development process.

identifying, nurturing & creating sustainable enterprises in the knowledge economy…

fonePersonal and business productivity are increasingly reliant on mobile innovations. From M-Pesa, to M-farm, to MedAfrica and to Eneza Education, mobile innovations in East Africa are changing how development impact is achieved. Mobile technology is helping emerging countries bypass investment in desktop computing and fixed line telecommunication infrastructure in keeping up pace with developed countries. The m:lab has a deliberate focus on mobile innovations because the future of computing in Africa is mobile.

Start ups

Existing corporate business practices do not always apply to new organizations searching for repeatable and scalable business models. Among the new organizations are mobile startups. They differ from classical SME businesses because they must grow and scale rapidly or risk being time barred in a fast moving technology space. The m:lab offers to startups a platform to nurture innovative solutions and business models which traditional businesses lack the nimbleness to effectively explore.


For a nascent, rapidly growing mobile ecosystem, much expectation of success for startups exists among stakeholders in East Africa. With no perfect growth examples to emulate, players in the ecosystem must learn through experimentation, knowledge sharing and even through failure. The m:lab fosters a learning environment for startup teams, business advisors, investors, lawyers and other experts through trainings, competitions, meetups, and one-on-one interactions.